Maciek Staniecki

    Wszystko się zmienia, jest dobrze.

    Composer, guitarist, music producer.

    In 1997-2000 collaborated with The Rose Van der Blaast Theater. Author, among others music for such films as Przemysław Reut’s “Paradox Lake” (2001) and Juliusz Machulski “Vinci” (2004).
    4 solo albums with instrumental music for Requiem Records. One of them was awarded the title of Record of the Year 2004 by the HiFi Muzyka Magazine. The latest record Following the Light was released in 2019.
    Co-creator of electronic and experimental music projects: Nemesis and Chwasty.
    Works with visual artists. Author of music for the video installation of Pieter Henket The Wait which was shown in Museum de Fundadtie in the Netherlands (2013).
    Since 2006, the sound producer at Tonn Studio, where co-creates with such artists as: Młynarski & Masecki, Zalewski, Gaba Kulka, Wacław Zimpel, L.Stadt, Lotto, Łąki Łan, Bastarda and others.
    Since 2016 as a guitarist, he has been cooperating with the Choir of the Chorea Theater in Łódź.

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